Starting a Successful Restaurant Business

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Starting a successful restaurant business is no easy feat. It is a highly competitive industry which unfortunately sees more than 90% of new businesses closing within the first year. Starting a restaurant will take a lot of investment, time, energy and passion. A number of factors need to be considered along the road to opening up a new restaurant. Factors such as a business plan, financing, location, concept/decor, menu, hiring quality staff and marketing will all play their roles in contributing to the restaurant’s success.


So after drawing up a business plan and getting the finance in place, the next thing will be deciding the location of the restaurant. Apart from factors such as being easy to find with ample car parking spaces, the restaurant should be located where your potential customers are likely to frequent. For fast food restaurants, this may be near colleges, nightclubs, pubs or in the centre of towns. However, for fine-dining restaurants, the location could be in an upmarket area of town, in a rural area or a picturesque village. Location can make or break your business and should be considered very carefully.

Hiring Quality Staff

As fine-dining has a lot to do with attention to detail and the highest levels of service, the staff that are employed must be up to par. This is where a domestic staff agency such as Bespoke Bureau can help. They are experts in the field, and can supply high calibre staff, custom-made for your requirements. Alternatively, their highly experienced tutors can carry out training at your establishment over a 2-3, or 4-5 day period. A domestic staff agency like Bespoke Bureau ensures all staff supplied are experienced, fully vetted with top references.


The type of restaurant will determine the type of decoration, furnishing, lighting and music that will be found there. The decor is a very important part of the whole experience of dining out. Each restaurant needs its own unique design to help it stand out in the crowd. It may be well worth employing an architect who can put your vision into reality. Architects can help not only with the restaurant decoration and furnishing, but also in the layout of the kitchen.


Food is obviously one of the most important things and must be fresh and of the highest quality. Your chefs will help to create a menu that takes into account current food trends, but will present the trends in unique ways. In fact your chefs may even start a new food trend with a unique dish they have created. Prix fixe menus are good for busy, special holidays, catered events or as a promotional tool.

Lots of factors need to come together to make a successful restaurant business. Owners should ideally have had first hand experience in the type of restaurant they want to establish. If this is not the case, they will need to rely on people who know how restaurants work. A domestic staff agency can help to supply or train all of your staff needs.