Decorating your restaurant

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When it comes to decorating a restaurant, you need to think carefully about the type of look that you want to achieve and it is also worth considering how it will complement the menu too.

Lively restaurants

There are some great lively restaurants around which appeal to families, so you can expect music and noise. These are busy places with plenty of people coming and going and are often brightly decorated. You could consider warm oranges and reds for walls and furniture with a few colour prints that match the theme of the restaurant – for an Italian pizzeria images of Italy work very well.

The everyday cafe

Some of the most popular eateries in the UK are cafes, serving humble dishes that remind you of home. Dishes such as the fried breakfast, omelettes and jacket potatoes will generally feature on the simple menus of cafes and nobody expects the decor to be anything spectacular but simple decoration helps to make them very warm and welcoming places. Why not opt for a few posters on the walls? You could choose images of local scenes or even artworks by local artists to remind all customers of where they are. There is a wide range of Posters available to choose from and they come in all shapes and sizes. If there is a big wall why not opt for a large poster that catches the eye, or even a display of a few smaller posters grouped together.

The gourmet establishment

In a gourmet restaurant, customers might expect the decor to be a little more sophisticated. Clean lines and neutral colours will help to create the calming atmosphere that the proprietor is looking for. Posters on the walls might tend towards simple art prints that don’t distract too much from the menu. This type of restaurant offers haute cuisine and once the waiter brings the meal, they want their customer to focus on the artistry on the plate, rather than be transfixed by prints on the wall.

Posters are an easy way to decorate any wall, no matter where it is. Just remember to make sure that it works well with the rest of the decor – sticking to a colour palette will mean that all aspects of the restaurant’s decoration will flow and it will not create a jarring effect for the eyes, allowing customers to enjoy the chef’s amazing work.