Restaurants Around the World: Different Types and Styles

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Restaurants come in many types and styles, which tend to differ from country to country. In Britain, the US and Canada, for example, they can generally be broken down into fast-food restaurants, casual dining restaurants and fine dining establishments. France, meanwhile, is famous for its bistros and brasseries, and Scandinavia is known for its lavish smorgasbords.

While each offers different kinds of food and varying styles of service, they all have something in common; they all rely heavily on cupboards and sideboards. For this reason, restauranteurs from all over the world turn to Royal Design when looking to purchase a high-quality sideboard or cabinet. A leading online retailer, Royal Design offers a wide range of cupboards and sideboards, along with furniture, kitchenware, home décor and accessories.

Fast Food

At fast-food restaurants, service-speed is the name of the game. At these establishments, food is typically ordered at a counter (or electronic terminal) rather than from a table. Most fast-food restaurants also offer drive-through and take-out services. Such restaurants rely heavily on sideboards, which provide badly-needed extra storage space.

Casual Dining

Casual dining restaurants are characterized by laid-back atmospheres and moderately-priced menu selections. Also referred to as ‘sit-down’ restaurants, they provide varying levels of table service. Because casual dining establishments often feature buffets, they, too, employ numerous sideboards of the kind one can find at Royal Design.

Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants are a step up from their casual dining counterparts. They provide customers with full table service, offer multiple meal courses, and often impose dress codes. Because they typically feature higher-quality décor and amenities, many fine dining establishments obtain their cupboards and sideboards from Royal Design.

France: Bistros and Brasseries

France is famous for its bistros and brasseries, along with its mouth-watering cuisine. Bistros are small restaurants that serve moderately priced (albeit delicious) meals. At the same time, brasseries tend to be larger, provide more professional service, and usually feature printed menus. Like most restaurants in the English-speaking world, bistros and brasseries frequently utilize cupboards and sideboards for increased storage space and to expedite service.

Scandinavian Smorgasbords

Scandinavian smorgasbords offer a wide range of dishes presented on elaborate table buffets. After paying a fee, diners can choose from among the many selections and help themselves to as much as they like. Because they feature a buffet-style format, smorgasbords typically use numerous sideboards, both to showcase the multiple dishes on offer and to make the dining experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.