Mugaritz, Spain

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Being one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world, Mugaritz has embraced modern cooking for so many years. The hotel is located outside San Sebastian, which is 20 minutes away when driving. Clients are spoiled with many choices because of the restaurant’s 25-course tasty menu. Each customer is charged €233 as of 2019 for their great wine, other pre-drinks and the delicious foods offered.

Mugaritz boasts of having one of the best executive chefs. The famous Andoni Luis Aduriz has a spiritual connection with his mouth-watering dishes. He is assisted by an army of uniformly dressed chefs in the smoking hot kitchen. They help him prepare the dishes that make up a 25-course menu. This evidently shows how serious the cooking is and the unique status of the restaurant. The spacious and neat dining room makes clients feel at home whenever they visit the restaurant.

This restaurant carefully selects almost 100 dishes and uses them to create a menu with regard to clients who are allergic to certain food products. The menu that is rolled is changed weekly. This is because there are various aspects that need to be covered to suit clients.