How to Set Up Your Restaurant Dining Space

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A dining room in a restaurant speaks a lot about your business. Besides the tables and chairs, several things should be considered when setting up the dining area. These include the lighting of the room, the color scheme (which sets the tone of the room), noise minimization and the design of the room. Since a restaurant is a busy place, consider picking strong furniture that can last long. It should also be attractive and add beauty to the dining area. Below are the details on how to make your restaurant dining room more workable.

Space Between Tables Should be Adequate

It is obvious that if you have more seats and tables, then you can accommodate more customers and make more money. Every restaurant owner longs for this, but since you also want to make your clients happy, make sure the space between tables and chairs is enough for easy movement. A good rule of thumb for placing tables in a restaurant is to leave at least 24 inches in between corners of the tables. Enough spaces also reduce the chances of accidents like trips and falls in a restaurant.

Ensure the Wait Station Is Portable

If your wait station is portable, you can easily move it to accommodate both large and small parties. This gives you more space and ease instead of trying to relocate a table into a less desirable area during such occasions.

Try Using Room Dividers

If you want your customers to have some privacy, you can set on casters if your dining room is large and open. This will make customers feel more comfortable. The good thing about casters is that they can be moved to create smaller nooks for tops. You can also create larger alcoves for holding bigger parties.

Try to Sit in Every Seat

This is another simple way of identifying spots that have a problem. By doing so, you might find particular spots that have a direct view of the kitchen or the front door. This experience will help you make changes before customers complain about it.

Pick Proper Window Coverings

Select window coverings that are easy to open and close and easy to clean. Also, have in mind that the coverings in the dining room should allow in enough natural light during daytime.