How a Restaurant or Pub Can Attract Customers Who Smoke

In 2007, it became illegal in the UK to smoke in any public venue such as pubs and restaurants. Many other countries across Europe, and the wider world, have since followed suit; and smoking in any public indoor venue is now widely seen as a big no. However, it took time for hospitality businesses in particular to adapt, prompting a rise in outdoor smoking areas and more pubs and restaurants seeking outside seating to accommodate smokers. While the public has generally adjusted to these new rules in the many years since the ban, it’s still necessary for venues to make efforts to appeal to customers who have yet to kick the smoking habit. Here are some ideas of how your pub or restaurant can cater for smokers.

Alternative Options

Prior to the ban on smoking indoors, customers could enjoy a pint of beer in the pub or a meal at a restaurant without having to worry about going outside to take a smoke break. Conversations didn’t have to be put on pause, and the often unpredictable weather outside didn’t have to be braved. While smokers have become accustomed to going out for a few minutes to light up a cigarette, many would still prefer to avoid this where possible. Thankfully, many alternatives to smoking are now available, and it’s possible for the hospitality industry to take advantage of these. Nicotine pouches are a more recent addition to the smoking alternative market, with a growth in popularity taking place and a variety of flavours available. A hospitality venue could stock nicotine pouches for customers to purchase, allowing them to satisfy their nicotine cravings while remaining inside the venue and not having to leave the table. These nicotine pouches, available in flavours such as berry and citrus, are better for people’s health and are discreet to use, allowing their usage anywhere without restriction.

Upgraded Outdoor Areas

For a customer who smokes, the outdoor areas available at a venue can play a role in whether they decide to drink or dine there. When spending a prolonged period in a particular space, customers with cravings for nicotine will want to know they’re being catered for. A restaurant or pub hospitality business can make itself more appealing to these customers by offering an upgraded outdoor area where smoking is permitted. In colder countries such as the UK, it’s a nice touch to have outdoor heating available; keeping customers warm even when outside in the cold. Also, consider putting some form of shelter in place so customers can stay dry. Provide comfortable seating and, importantly, a place for finished cigarettes to be disposed of without making a mess. It’s also worth considering where this smoking area will be situated, as non-smokers will typically frown upon walking close to people smoking, and children should also be kept clear. Having the area further away from the main entrance can be a way of keeping all guests happy and comfortable.

While smoking may largely be forbidden indoors, customers wanting to satisfy their nicotine cravings can still be catered for by hospitality businesses. Nicotine pouches and improved outdoor smoking areas are some of the ways this can be done while still keeping non-smoking guests (and the law) satisfied.