Choosing a Perfect Restaurant Rug: Three Rules to Guide You

With people eating multiple times a day, any food business has the potential to grow and succeed, as long as the owner gets the customer experience right. One of the best and easiest ways to improve your restaurant’s customer experience is the use of rugs or carpets. And while many restaurants don’t have rugs (for fear of maintenance/cleaning), an area rug in your restaurant actually adds style, comfort, and colour to your business, making the whole dining experience a lot better. But not every rug is good for food business. If you want to purchase a rug for your restaurant, you would be better off following these rules:

Get the Size Right

The rule of thumb requires that a rug for a dining area is bigger than the dining table. For instance, a rug that is 30 inches wider than the table would make a good choice. You can find the right size by choosing from the large assortment of kilim rugs available at Trendcarpet, which offers a varied of rug designs. Some of the available kilm rug sizes here include 100 x 200 cm, 130 x 190 cm, 170 x 240 cm, and 200 x 300 cm, just to ensure that you find what fits your table size, as well as the size of your restaurant.

Choose the Right Material

A rug is always a good investment, and you don’t want something that wears and tears quickly. Don’t forget that a restaurant is a high-traffic area, so your restaurant rug should be made of resilient, durable material, which can stand the daily footsteps. Most people prefer wool rugs because they are durable. And that’s what you will find at Trendcarpet. But also available here are hemp, sisal, cowhide, and viscose rugs, among others. Choose what you think will serve you best.

Choose the Right Colour and Style

The right rug colour is that which matches your restaurant furniture and walls. You may want to hire an interior decor expert to help in selecting the best rug colour. No matter the colour you are looking for, you will always find the right choice from Trendcarpet, including red, grey, and multicolour rugs. When it comes to style, a good one adds a touch of class and character to your restaurant. In this regard, Trendcarpet still shines with its plethora of designs, including Afghanistan rugs, Persian, Turkish rugs, Oriental, and Afghan rugs.